Solar panels are installed in “rows” referred to as “strings” Sunlight hits the solar panels and DC is generated. This Direct Current is fed into an inverter and converted into Alternating Current. The AC is connected to your existing MDB “Main distribution board” and fed in as an alternative supply.

Solar PV systems convert light into electrical power using a thin layer of semiconducting material, usually silicon, encased between a sheet of glass and a polymer resin. Which exposed to daylight electrons in the Semi-conducting material becomes energized. These electrons are then able to flow through the material generating a direct current (DC). The DC is carried through wiring to an inverter which converts the current to alternating current (AC) so it can be connected to your home’s main electricity supply.


  • Solar Panel Supply & Installation.
  • Solar Panel Cleaning works.
  • Testing & Commissioning of Smart Monitoring Solutions
  • Supply & Installations of Inverters.
  • Solar road Signage.
  • All types of solar maintenance related work.